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WELCOME TO THAILAND4KIDS - The Guide to A Family Holiday in Thailand

Thailand4Kids has been written with the specific aim of providing parents with information and help with planning a family holiday to Thailand.

The tags on the left hand side of this page will direct you to the various chapters where you will find advice and information on every aspect of a family holiday in Thailand.

I've recently added Security and Safety Advice for Thailand to cover the concerns parents have regarding the recent social unrest and I shall keep that updated as the situation develops.

And not just parents in the plural - Single Parent too, Thailand4Kids gives real practical advice for Single Parents visiting Thailand with their children.

Our help and advice is provided in chapters as outlined as below:

Why Thailand - An overview of why we think Thailand is such a great place for a family holiday.

Thailand General - An overview of Thailand's history, culture and general information and advice that will help you plan your family holiday to Thailand. You'll find information on Thai money, Thai electricity and electrical plugs in Thailand, Water in Thailand, Thai Postal Services and Internet availability in Thailand. All these topics are discussed in other chapters but the introduction will help you with the very basics.

Package or DIY - Provides information on some of the options you have for your family holiday in Thailand, the advantages of multiple center holidays in Thailand and the option to travel independently with children in Thailand, an option that is still open even if you started out by booking a package holiday. 'Filling the Gaps' points to some of the issues that perhaps need to be considered if you do 'Ditch the Package' and again you'll find more advice on things like health, insurance, accommodation etc in the later chapters.

Documentation - Provides advice and information on the documentation you need for a family holiday in Thailand. You'll find advice on passport validity and visas for Thailand, Health Insurance for Thailand, the Must have Documents to Travel to Thailand and documents that are perhaps not necessary for Thailand but that you really ought to consider taking incase you have a problem while traveling in Thailand. Documents for Thailand also includes important documents for single parents and adults traveling with outer people's children.

Packing and Luggage - What to take and how to carry it. Should you take a stroller / pushchair to Thailand? Child Car Seats in Thailand? The questions that only parents traveling to Thailand with children will ask and the answers only parents who have been to Thailand with children can really answer.

Prepare Early - A count down to your family holiday in Thailand, preparing for your trip, getting the passports and visas for Thailand, booking air tickets for families - A checklist of preparing for your holiday in Thailand.

Money - How to access your money in Thailand, using Credit Cards in Thailand, Thai Banks, and using a Thai ATM. Even some advice on what to expect when using a Thai ATM or visiting a Thai bank.

Long Haul With Kids - Flying Long Haul with children or Long Haul with a baby can be a daunting prospect - Well we've done it and this chapter will provide you with practical advice from first hand experience of flying long haul with children. Advice on booking seats for families, bulkhead seats, ensuring you get a bassinet, child safety on board the aircraft, packing a travel bag. Feeding babies on aircraft, children and earache on aircraft, keeping children entertained on a long haul flight and all the questions you might have about flying with children.

Arriving in Bangkok - Gives advice on making your way through Bangkok Airport with children, Immigration and Customs Procedures at Bangkok, Connecting to an Internal Flight at Bangkok, getting from Bangkok Airport to your hotel and cautions on scams that are operating around the airport in Bangkok.

Accommodation - Advice on Hotel and Guesthouse accommodation in Thailand for families. Gives you information on what kinds of accommodation are available in Thailand, how to book a hotel or guesthouse, accommodation safety in Thailand, Hotel Baby Sitters in Thailand and what to look out for when looking for accommodation that suits families.

Transport - Thailand's transport options, Thai railways, Internal Flights, Ferries in Thailand. Hiring a car and advice on driving in Thailand. This chapter has a strong emphasis on safety and in particular road safety. We really do want you to have a safe family holiday.

Thai Food for Kids - What Thai food is suitable for children and babies, where to find children's food in Thailand, baby formula milk, sterilizing feed bottles and breast feeding in Thailand. Our recommended list of Thai Food that is suitable for children is available from the Free Downloads, so you can print it out and take it with you.

Some Difficulties - This is the stuff the glossy brochures and the Thai Tourism Authority don't tell you about. The scams, the smells and 'The Toilets'. It's not all bad news, but a little forewarning will help you avoid most of the problems that can occur.

Safety in Thailand - Advice and information from first hand experience on the Safety Issues you need to be aware of when planning a family holiday to Thailand. This chapter takes you through the big numbers, road safety, accommodation safety and situations you might find yourself in where you need to be aware of real risks.

Health in Thailand - Again from first hand experience, Health for a family holiday in Thailand. What vaccinations do you need for Thailand, mosquitoes, malaria and dengue fever in Thailand. Health advice you should not ignore, where to get medical help in Thailand and what to expect when being treated in a Thai hospital.

If Thing Go Wrong - Advice and guidance on how to deal with problems in Thailand, finding help if you need it, dealing with officials and the police, warnings about people who might take advantage and most importantly of all, how to plan for problems before they even occur. Our If Things Go Wrong Chapter is all about keeping you in charge and helping you deal with problems should they occur.

Ethical Issues - There are unfortunately a number of ethical issues that almost cannot be avoided when taking a family holiday in Thailand. It's not our job to preach to you, but then again the last thing we want is for you to go along with your children to see the tigers or the hill tribe and find yourself and your children confronted with appalling abuse of the kind we none of us want to see.

Downloads - Here you'll find useful information that you can download and take with you. Don't miss our 'Useful Thai Phrases for Families' or our 'Thai Food for Kids' fact sheet. Where else do you find such useful family related information?!

Driving in Thailand - Driving holidays in Thailand are become more popular, especially for families, this chapter provides you with very important safety and legal advice that you really need to be aware of before driving in Thailand. As you expect the information and advice is from first hand experience of over ten years driving on Thailand's roads.

Fun Stuff - To point you in the direction of Thailand's Festivals, and family safe activities. We hope too you'll help out here with your own recommendations that you wish to share. Hotel and resort publicity managers need not apply.

About Us - You know already - Thailand4Kids is written by parents for parents, we are all round good eggs, nice people, doing a great job and you can't wait to blog, tweet, twitter and email all your friends to tell them just that. Please do, we need the publicity.

Terms and Conditions - The content of this site is unique, it has been written especially for parents visiting Thailand with children and babies. Sadly we have to protect our rights and declare to you the limit of or expertise. Our Terms and Conditions do just that.

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